UP Fall Beer Festival 2019 Recap

A couple weeks ago we were in attendance at the Michigan Brewer’s Guild UP Fall Beer Fest in Marquette, MI. We had a phenomenal time being surround by our fellow breweries, craft beer enthusiasts, and the positive atmosphere of Downtown Marquette! The drive up was an easy one with a return drive that doubled travel time stopping for some scenic views and at Gustafson’s for some of the best jerky in the entire state of Michigan.

Copper Harbor Ale sitting in the sand on the beach.
Along the stops on the way back home, Indian Lake had a beautiful beach to sit and relax.

The exceptional hospitality of the Brewer’s Hospitality tent covered all the bases of great food from Palette, drinks, and laughs. Walking into that tent we were expecting a modest spread of breakfast foods only to be blown away by a table with a mountainous pile of bacon and breakfast cakes and breads that lined the tables as far as you could see. This was earliest the perfect way to get the day started. There was a table that made the dreams of mountains of bacon for breakfast Saturday morning was glorious a sight to see at 9am and an excellent

The UP Fall Beer Fest was a big one for us this year. We had six different beers flowing through our jockey box systems from COLDBREAK (they’re like the Lamborghini of jockey boxes) and actually had a chance to meet and chat with one of their founders, Boyd. Our selections included choices of our Copper Harbor Ale, Midland Brut IPA, Isle Royale Cream Ale, Oktoberfest, One Night in Bangkok Smoothie IPA, and an exclusive reveal of our Barrel-Aged Arbuckle Cold Brew Coffee Stout! We blew through four of the six kegs and were running low on the last two when the fun came to an end.

Early in the day, our friend Sean from Draft Therapy stopped on by and gave our One Night in Bangkok Smoothie IPA a try. You can check out what he had to say in his #Breview4u UP Fall Fest video here. The video also gives some great inside coverage on some of the noteworthy beers from the festival! Be sure to follow Sean on Facebook, Instagram or YouTube for all of your Michigan beer-related content needs.

Sean from Draft Therapy holds up a Michigan Brewer’s Guild festival glass filled with beer.

Going forward, we are extremely excited for the upcoming Michigan Brewer’s Guild Detroit Beer Fest coming up in October. If you haven’t already gotten your tickets, quit wasting your time and get them here!