Good stuff drinkers,

It has been brought to our attention that a member of our kitchen team had been exposed and has tested positive for COVID-19 today. In an effort to contain the spread, we are closing our kitchen until further notice. This will allow our entire kitchen crew to quarantine and monitor their symptoms throughout the next week. We are working cooperatively with the local health department with what we are able to do while following State and Federal guidelines. This employee did not have any contact with our brewery staff and had minimal contact with our front of house staff.

What we are doing to keep our team and guests safe:

  • Performed a deep clean and disinfected all surfaces, seats, tables, and equipment within the restaurant
  • Quarantining our kitchen staff for 7 days so that they can watch for and monitor symptoms
  • Continuing to frequently clean and disinfect tables, chairs, restrooms, and pathways
  • Maintaining social distancing among ourselves and our guests
  • Enforcing face masks and/or coverings to be worn whenever guests step away from their tables
  • Monitor employee health by performing wellness checks before staff enters the building
  • Making sure all sanitation and safe service processes are being completed accordingly
  • Kitchen staff will receive COVID-19 testing before returning to work at a future date

These are not the only steps we have taken to combat the spread of COVID-19 at Midland Brewing Company over the last year. In 2020 we made a number of upgrades to our facility’s ventilation and air filtration systems. This included the following changes and updates:

  • Increased indoor ventilation rates and outdoor ventilation
  • Upgraded and opened outdoor air dampers to specifications to reduce recirculation
  • Installed appropriately designed and deployed Ultra-Violet Germicidal Irradiation (UGVI) to deactivate airborne virus particles
  • Adopted additional ventilation and air filtration mitigation protocols per CDC and ASHRAE recommendations outlined in the Interim COVID-19 Guidance

Midland Brewing Company will remain open for indoor and outdoor beers, wines and spirits only, through April 11th during our regular business hours. The kitchen is set to reopen next week, but you can find more information regarding reopening details on our social media pages, website, and Google Business page.

Stay safe and stay kind!


The Midland Brewing Company Team