Lumberjacks hold a permanent place in folklore and history. While the practice of felling trees has been taking place for thousands of years, the professional lumberjack was born around the turn of the 18th century and lasted through the late 1930s. With our Brewery located near the site of the famous Red Keg lumber camp, we are proud to introduce our Seasonal and Specialty Series.

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Core Brews

Discover our fleet of core beers. Full of flavor and packed with personality, these top-line brews encompass our most popular offerings and are available year-round, here in the taproom or at your favorite beer bar or bottle shop, in kegs or cans.


From new green growth to fall foliage, from summer sun to winter wind chill, these beers deliver the flavors you crave no matter the time of year. Available on draft in the taproom and where other fresh beers are poured - always ready to quench any seasonal thirst.

Smoothie Series

Fruity, creamy and hoppy, our Smoothie IPAs are sure to offer a unique and flavorful drinking experience. This style of beer is based off of New England-style IPAs and is unique because of the fruit and lactose that are added during the brewing process.